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Sparked by innovation in the assembly of electronic components, electronics have become smaller, lighter and less expensive. Currently, oxidation reaction, poor wettability and high peak temperature during soldering of printed circuit boards create harm to electronic solder joints. To offset these effects, using nitrogen to inert the atmosphere during soldering has become a globally accepted practice within electronics manufacturing.

Adapting to a fast-evolving market

To stay competitive in today’s market of electronics manufacturing, manufacturers must keep pace with evolving technologies, while reducing costs and navigating the latest regulations. Air Liquide has supported electronics manufacturing actors since the 1990s, with solutions for every step of their processes from assembly through testing, storage and cleaning.

We supply this key regional industry with the high-quality industrial and specialty gases required to improve product quality and flexibility, reduce production cost, and resolve process-related problems. Bulk and cylinder gases are supplied for PCB Assembly, Electronics Packaging and Thermal testing operations. 

Discover our global offer

A world reference in molecule design, manufacturing and delivery for the electronics industry, Air Liquide Electronics is a long-term partner that provides innovative solutions to the markets for semiconductors, photovoltaics and flat panel displays.

The core mission of Air Liquide Electronics is to facilitate innovation by the world’s most advanced electronic technology corporations. By designing the infinitely small, we enable our customers to think amazingly big.

Our offer: designing and delivering best-in-class solutions for our customers

Air Liquide supports its customers by offering a large range of high added-value products and services, from the gas and chemical management to on-site production units.

  • On-Site Gas Generation
  • Bulk Gases Supply Solutions
  • Electronics Advanced Materials
  • Electronics Specialty Materials
  • Solutions for Assembly
  • Analytical Services
  • Gas and Chemical Management
  • Equipment & Installations

Why Choose us

  • 01 Focus on quality

    Our gases can be manufactured in a range of purities to meet your needs. We can also analyze for specific impurities based on your request.

  • 02 Environmental friendly technology

    We are dedicated to reducing environmental footprint.

  • 03 Compliance

    Due to the complexity of your work and the strict regulatory environment, we will work closely with you to understand and meet your quality and compliance requirements through quality assurance, traceability and process control.

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