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Our philosophy is to hire the best people and then trust them with the job. Today, we are proud to be an advocate of providing equal opportunities to all aspiring young or experienced professionals, who believe they can experience career growth in Air Liquide, both local and international.

Working at Air Liquide

You Grow, We Grow

At Air Liquide, we believe in each person and his or her own talent. Our goal is to help you develop that talent so as to increase company performance. Employees have an important role to play in this and must be proactive in their career development.

To progress, they need to seize opportunities, first at site level or beyond, thanks to a long-standing culture of functional and geographical mobility.

Managers support employees through a daily relationship based on listening and proximity and formalize their support during the annual performance appraisal interview.

HR managers play a more global, transversal role in helping employees think about the direction they want to take, for example through structured career interviews held every 3 to 5 years.

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Experienced Candidates

Our employees are developed through a continuous and diverse learning environment, working in partnership towards innovation, efficiency and reliability to meet the unique needs of the customers.


Student Programs

Are you a student ready to jumpstart your career? Air Liquide offers many opportunities for fresh graduates and undergraduate students who wish to pursue careers in engineering and business. Our entry-level career opportunities provide real-life work experience in key operational and functional areas of the company.



Air Liquide is a global leader, constantly striving to stay on top in a fast paced, high-tech industry. Our careers provide you with an immediate opportunity to contribute. We give you the responsibility to find customer solutions and the autonomy needed to get things done. The diversity of our businesses and our worldwide operations mean a career at Air Liquide can take you almost anywhere you want to go.

Our presence in over 80 countries, in addition to our diverse business activities, creates a wealth of exciting career possibilities. Reflecting the importance of diversity, there’s no “standard career path”. Instead, each employee’s trajectory is customized to their individual objectives and the opportunities they seize within the Group. 

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