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Gas & Liquid Management

Making gas work best for our customers

In order to help our clients focus on their core business, Air Liquide makes it easier for our customers to manage their gas assets.

Gideons Tracking System

Gideons Tracking System (GTS) is a barcode cylinder tracking system. Identified by a barcode, every cylinder is localized in every stage, from its filling to its use prior its return to Air Liquide. Our customers will have a better understanding of their consumption and traceability of their cylinders.

Safety & Quality

  • Easier identification of cylinder gas products whose expiry has passed.
  • Individual traceability helps to locate and isolate cylinders in case of a recall.
  • Minimizes the risk of receiving cylinders that are empty or that contain the wrong product.
  • Each cylinder is tracked throughout its route, from filling to its return, we can therefore provide the information you need immediately (regulatory, standards, lots, etc.)


  • Barcode numbers and transaction data are printed on delivery orders, providing you all the information at a glance.
  • This saves you time and minimizes invoicing errors.
  • Saves time by reducing the amount of lengthy inventory counts and reconciliations Saves operating costs due to reduction in cylinder rental charges, penalty fees from lost cylinders fees, etc


TELEFLO is a complete monitoring system that allows easy operation of bulk installations remotely. For any equipment or process, TELEFLO will ensure an efficient and safe operation, notify personnel of any operational anomalies and intelligently manage all incoming data.

TELEFLO helps you by offering:

  • Remote monitoring of bulk installations
  • 24/7 alarm monitoring and scheduling of personnel on call
  • Performance management tools for continuous improvement

The great advantage of the TELEFLO system is that all functions can be accessed remotely over standard telephone or GSM networks. This means Air Liquide can configure, monitor, program and analyse data remotely.

Our TELEFLO network includes a dedicated, unmanned alarm reception system. When the alarm receives a call from a TELEFLO unit, it acknowledges the alarm and transfers the call to our on-duty personnel’s mobile phone. Depending on the alarm type, he will schedule for the required delivery. This alarm monitoring system service is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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