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FLOXAL™ Nitrogen

Reliable, low-cost, high-quality on-site generators

Air Liquide has developed a full range onsite nitrogen generators, FLOXAL™ Nitrogen Supply Systems, that can be adapted to your specific process requirements. Our FLOXAL™ systems support many industries and a diverse range of applications, such as inerting, purging, blanketing, pressurization, modified atmosphere packaging, heat treating, refining, combustion, oxidation, sulfur removal, bleaching and many others.

Our FLOXAL™ systems are flexible and modular; and production capacity can be upgraded or downgraded. Our state-of-the-art FLOXAL™ nitrogen generators are designed to help ensure safety, reliability and cost efficiency.

Our FLOXAL™ Nitrogen Supply Systems can be adapted to your specific process requirements.

The optimal production technology and generator size is determined by several factors:

  • Flow rate
  • Purity
  • Pressure
  • Flow profile (flow rate over time)

We will work closely with you to design, install, operate and maintain a FLOXAL™ onsite gas generation plant. We provide full back-up support to ensure safe, reliable and efficient nitrogen supply at your facility. 

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