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High-performance welding gases

We have four ready-to-weld argon mixture solutions that cover virtually all welding application needs. 

ARCAL™ Force

ARCAL™ Force is the ready-to-weld solution for MAG welding of heavy carbon steel structures. From earthmoving and agricultural equipment to bridge building and ship modules, ARCAL™ Force was engineered with heavy use in mind. No matter the surface – oxidized or contaminated, gapped or mismatched – it is extremely tolerant to preparation. ARCAL™ Force is ready for your toughest and most challenging welding applications. Our ARCAL™ cylinders come with EXELTOP™, which is equipped with an on/off lever, a quick connect system and a permanent pressure gauge, allowing you to check the content of your cylinder anytime.

ARCAL™ Prime

ARCAL™ Prime is our primary high-quality shielding product for most welding applications. These include TIG and plasma welding of all materials including titanium, MIG welding of aluminum and copper alloys, and universal root shielding of all materials. 99.998% argon ensures reliable integrity of the weld bead making ARCAL™ Prime the pure gas solution for your arc welding needs.

ARCAL™ Chrome 

ARCAL™ Chrome is the most efficient gas mixture for all stainless steel MAG welding. This product is carefully selected to match with chromium – the key component of steels for corrosion resistance. From household appliances to chemical vessels and pipes, for both austenitic and ferritic stainless steels, ARCAL™  Chrome offers brilliant welding performance with clean a weld aspect.

ARCAL™ Speed

Mixed for high-travel speed and high-deposition rate MAG welding of carbon steels, ARCAL™ Speed is the essential arc welding gas when weld time is a critical factor and is ideal for automatic and robotic applications. Highly adaptable with low fume and spatter emissions that reduces post-welding operations, characteristics of ARCAL™ Speed make it the choice when high productivity is needed without sacrificing quality.


Developed by Air Liquide’s Research & Development and Welding Teams, EXELTOP™ is a built-in regulator for our industrial gas cylinders

It is dedicated to professionals and industries in the metal fabrication and construction fields, providing the best in:

  • Stability and accuracy for high performance gas operation, with a two-stage built-in regulator
  • Quick and safe connection every time – quick connect available for all gases
  • Intuitive, easy to use design – newly designed on/off lever, new graduated handwheel
  • Safety – built to resist with a strengthened guard – round shape metallic cap

EXELTOP™ is available for ARCAL premium gas range dedicated to arc welding and Flamal premium gas range for flame applications - oxygen/acetylene. We combine the best technologies and expertise from our research and welding teams, to bring​ higher ​performance, ​ease of use and safety to our clients. 

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